How to Use the Steam Off Gel Removal System

Steam Off The Painted Nail

Reaffirm your clients’ love for gel polish by offering them hassle-free removal with The Painted Nail by Butiq Steam Off Gel Removal system. This quick and cost-effective method warms acetone-based removers to the perfect temperature to break down gel, polish and acrylic in 10 minutes or less.

Step 1 ButigStep 1: First, buff the top layer of the nails to break the seal. Plug in the unit, then remove the top cover and rotate the finger cap to the Open position. Remove the finger cap and set aside.

Step 2 ButigStep 2: Pour 5 mL of Steam Off Gel Removal Liquid into the remover reservoir located inside the unit. Replace the finger cap and lock into place. Then, turn on the power switch.

Step 3 ButigStep 3: After the unit beeps twice, place all five fingers into the finger cap and steam for a minimum of five minutes. For best results, steam each hand for 10 minutes. The machine will beep once after 10 minutes have passed.

Step 4 ButigStep 4: Once the gel has steamed off, use an orangewood stick to gently remove any remaining color. Continue with regular gel manicure service.


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