Zoya Z.E.N.S. Will Improve Nail Health

Zoya Zens

Zoya is focusing its efforts on nail health with its new Zoya Energizing Nail System, or Z.E.N.S. “The large number of clients and retail customers who were experiencing damage due to gel nails inspired Zoya to create a system the worked holistically with the body’s own systems to correct the damage,” says Rebecca Isa, creative director for Zoya. The nail treatment system includes nine products, including remover, cuticle soak, nail strengthener, three base coats and polish drying drops, and is based on the skin’s natural renewal process. “The skin has a 28-day renewal cycle, which can slow down due to aging, stress, illness, etc. We created Z.E.N.S. to support this cycle by utilizing ingredients that stimulate cellular renewal and increase oxygen transfer,” says Isa, who adds that the products are also designed to support and repair keratin bonds within the nail and protect and encourage healthy, new nail growth. “Z.E.N.S. is taking a holistic approach to correcting damage and protecting the nail.” The new collection will be available to professionals in January 2015.

[Image: Zoya]

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