China Glaze City Flourish

Chinaglazesqu Are

China Glaze City Flourish includes twelve tropical colors that reflect the lights, fabrics, and energy of a busy marketplace. The set is actually split into two collections. The first is the color-soaked Pollen In Love (shown on top), which contains (left to right): Don’t Honk Your Thorn, Strike A Rose, What A Pansy, Thistle Do Nicely, Grass Is Lime Greener, and Metro Pollen-tin.

For pastel fanatics, Peonies & Park Ave is the way to go. The set includes (left to right): Petal to the Metal, Peonies & Park Ave, In A Lily Bit, Lotus Begin, At Vase Value, and Spring In My Step.

[Images: China Glaze]

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