The Making of Color Construct: Spring’s Gel Polishes


We illustrated the gel polishes from Color Construct in the March issue of NAILPRO using high fashion photography, macro lighting and post-production work on the images of blocks and tiny dolls to capture gel’s trendsetting fashion and modern formulations. The whimsical characters used as “models” helped to demonstrate the fashionable hues, while the simple layout of the organized blocks represented the “building blocks,” or technology found in the cutting-edge lacquers.


Our “models” didn’t require hair and makeup, however some of them did need adjustments for the photo shoot; i.e., tiny arms and necks were broken to correctly stage them. The blocks representing gel colors were intricately painted with actual gel lacquer, had colors applied in post-production, or required both.

Our creative team did an excellent job and we hope that you enjoy this playful take on spring’s gel polish hues. Here are a few pics that were taken during the process.


Our models were actually less than 2 inches tall!

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Coming up with ideas / color groupings.


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Blocks being prepped for photography.

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