How Can Your Nails Make an Impact in a Job Interview?

Courtesy of Fresha
Fresha's trend report as well as insight from TikTok reveals the importance of a fresh manicure for your success in a job interview.
Fresha's trend report as well as insight from TikTok reveals the importance of a fresh manicure for your success in a job interview.
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With 2024 in full swing, many people are implementing their New Year goals.

With this in mind, Fresha has found that searches for ‘how to stop biting your nails’ have increased by 24% in the past month, as people look for tips to crack the habit. 

However, people are also on the hunt for help with professional goals as there have been 27,000 Google searches for ‘interview tips’ made this month. 

What’s the link between the two you might ask? Well, it’s just gone viral on social media, and according to TikTok, these two resolutions go hand-in-hand!

Why could having a manicure affect interview success? 

The TikTok video, above, posted by @Peebie saw its 80k viewers in unison of agreement as the user shared her thoughts on the importance of a fresh manicure in corporate interviews and working life, saying: 

“I even remember once, someone saying if they were interviewing someone for a job and this person had really chipped nail polish to the point where it’s just a little bit over their nail, they would think they’re a bit careless just because they haven’t bothered to take it off. I just feel that there is some sort of link between having nice nails and a corporate job.”

One user ran to the comments in agreement saying, “I had a meeting with my manager and a HR manager for my current job and the first thing she said to me was ‘nice nails’ so I think you’re right."

While other viewers commented to share their success stories of having freshly manicured nails for a job interview, saying “Agreed. Last interview I went to I got the job, and the woman complimented my manicure."

The aesthetic, which has been dubbed as “corporate girlie” by TikTokers, has seen a +164% increase in searches on TikTok in the past year alone, as well as receiving an average of 2,170 TikTok searches each month as people joining corporate life search for inspiration for nails, makeup, outfits, hairstyles and more.

What manicure should you have for an interview?

According to Fresha’s trend report, 50% of Gen Z get their nails done to feel more confident. With interviews being prone to encouraging feelings of nervousness, a confidence boost is exactly what people need in this situation.

While many people might expect interview candidates to opt for simple, short nails, Fresha’s findings actually suggest that people are favoring bolder nail choices this year.

#Dopaminebeauty has reached 539.2k views on TikTok, with consumers choosing to embrace bold, colorful and joyful looks that make them look and feel good.

Tina Michael, founder of Shoreditch Nails, shares, "Customers are pushing boundaries in terms of what they are having on their nails. When we first introduced nail art it was very simple, but it has gone to a different level now with animals, characters and 3D nail art, meaning clients get to have their own piece of art on their nails.”

To learn more, you can read Fresha's full trend report.

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