The Starpro Professional Gel and Glitter Removal System

Star Pro0 Finger Mates Pack 50

There’s no need to waste time and supplies by having to soak clients nails in dishes of acetone anymore; nor have to deal with foil or cotton. The new Starpro Professional Gel and Glitter Removal System makes the whole process easier.

To use, apply acetone to each of 10 removal pads, insert pads into the reusable caps and slide all ten fingers into the caps at once. The caps are designed to retain body heat and protect acetone from evaporation to speed up removal time. Unlike with cotton, the acetone distributes evenly throughout the removal pads. The pads don’t drip or stick to polish – plus they appear more professional to your clients. When you’re done, simply toss the disposable pads. Additional refill pads can be purchased separately.

[Images: Starpro]

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