Zoya Makes Waves at Miami Swim Week

Zoya Nail Polish Gottex 3629

Warm, bronzed skin requires equally gorgeous nails. Lead Manicurist Chastity Dumeng worked at Miami Swim Fashion Week 2016 to ensure models for these four shows walked the stage with flawless Zoya digits.

Says Zoya’s Creative Director Rebecca Isa, “Nails at Gottex were gilded with the gold of Zoya Ziv and topped with an unexpected satin finish.”
Zoya Nail Polish Gottex 3641
Zoya Nail Polish Indah 5423 SmFor the Indah presentation, Lead Manicurist Chastity Dumeng sahres, “Two looks featuring inky nails in Zoya Indigo alone and Willa with a flash of silver easily took the nail looks at Indah from day to night.”
Zoya Nail Polish Indah 5431

Zoya Nail Polish Luli Fama 4313“A sparkly jewelry accent nail using Zoya Pixie Dust in Bar is the perfect glam accent for vivid nails in fuchsia (Zoya Charisma) and coral (Zoya Heidi) at Luli Fama,” shares Isa.Zoya Nail Polish Luli Fama 4338

Zoya Nail Polish Mara Hoffman 3953Isa explains that for the Mara Hoffman show, “Models nails’ were painted in Zoya Kylie, Sage and Adel and given a glossy finish at Mara Hoffman in a nod to the glamour of Moroccan 70s style.”
Zoya Nail Polish Mara Hoffman P1330044e Kylie Sm

[Images: Zoya]

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