Tanya Momi's 5 Tips To Stop Clients From Biting Nails

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One of the dirtiest and most bacteria-ridden parts of the body is underneath the nails, yet so many people have a bad habit of putting their fingers in their mouths and biting their nails.

Tanya Momi, nail technician and salon owner, will be speaking on how to help children and adult clients stop biting their nails at Beauty Go Pro Show, a virtual event hosted by NAILPRO and Beauty Launchpad.

Tanya Momi's 5 Tips To Stop Nail Biting:

  1. Keep the nails short.
  2. Make sure the nails are filed smoothly.
  3. Apply cuticle oil and/or lotions.
  4. Cut the excess rough skin and cuticles.
  5. Do not share nail clippers, files, cuticle pushers, etc. Wash tools with hot water and soap after using it or sanitize them between clients, and suggest clients do the same at home between uses.

Tanya also recommends that clients stay away from harsh soaps and detergents as they strip the natural oils and lubricants from the surface of the skin.

To get more of Tanya's expertise and watch her present on "Remedies for Healthy Hands and Feet" in your clients, pre-register for the Beauty Go Pro Show.

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