Quiz: How to Tackle Feeling Woozy on the Job

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Welcome to Test Yourself March 2018: Feeling Fuzzy

  1. When you feel lightheaded, ______.

  1. If you’re dehydrated and get lightheaded at work, lying down can help.

  1. If you haven’t eaten in a long time and feel lightheaded, it’s ideal to drink _____.

  1. Orthostatic hypotension happens when _______.

  1. Dizziness and lightheadedness can be used interchangeably.

6. Less fluid in your blood results in __________.


  1. When it comes to taking breaks, federal law __________.

  1. The most common reason for lightheadedness is __________.

  1. Blood pressure medication might make you lightheaded at times.

  1. To get your blood circulating again, you can try __________.

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