The Professional Beauty Association’s Nail Manufacturers Council Expands Content and Online Presence

PbawebsiteBeauty professionals and consumers looking for reference information about the salon industry and nail care will be happy to learn that The Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) has recently expanded its online platform and educational materials. The NMC comprises the leading manufacturers of nail care products sold to, and used in, professional salons. The NMC, like the PBA, has been active in working with international, federal, and state bodies to maintain high professional standards and ensure the safety of industry professionals and their customers, as well as the communities they serve.
In addition to the NMC’s new web page,, the Council has expanded the many languages of its reports, guidelines, and reference materials. Currently, most reports are in English, Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese. The materials, which are all complimentary, cover topics such as: Facts About Salon Nail Polish Products and What to Look Out for In a Nail Salon to Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Manicuring and Enhancement Equipment, as well as Guidelines for Controlling and Minimizing Skin Exposure to Nail Products. Along with these and other reports and guidelines, the NMC also provides information and clarification on major media reports relating to nail products and procedures.
“I highly encourage consumers and beauty professionals to use the information provided by the Nail Manufacturers Council, in order to stay better informed, protect one’s health and safety, and finally uphold high professionals standards for the industry,” said Eric Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer of OPI Products Inc. and Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council.
“The expanded website will be an invaluable resource for our industry, government authorities, and the media,” further added Doug Schoon, President of Schoon Scientific and Co-Chair of the Nail Manufactures Council.

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