ORLY Launches New Products

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Mini Lamp Ks Ps TitleORLY has launched new products just in time for the holiday season!

All Tangled Up Breathable Color + Treatment Fall 2020 Collection

This fall collection plays on winter’s softer side: inspired by picturesque cabins, champagne toasts, the first snow and more.

Shades in the Collection:

Pine-ing for You: Dark green crème.

Don’t Leaf Me Hanging: Muted green/tan crème.

Let’s Get Fizz-ical: Champagne shimmer.

The Snuggle Is Real: Mauve-pink crème.

Love at Frost Sight: Shimmering gray.

Diamond Potential: Dark gray-black crème.

Shades in the collection are one-step, and do not require a base coat or a top coat.

Mini Gel Lamp

This mini gel lamp allows users to complete professional-looking gel manicures and extensions at home and on the go with USB power capability. 

Check out some great tutorials on using the gel lamp from Brittney Boyce (@nails_of_la) has tutorials available on her InstagramTV page.

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