Aprés Nail Launches Neutrals Gel-X Tips

Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips
Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips
Courtesy of Aprés Nail

Aprés Nail has launched Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips that mimic the natural color of the nail bed!

Aprés Nail is the pioneer in full coverage soft gel nail extension technology and creator of Gel-X extensions.

The collection features shades of peach to mauve and can be worn alone without additional gel color for a simple, effortless appearance.

The Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips shade range includes:

  • Mia: a mauve shade that is flattering on most skin tones. 
  • Maise: a light peach shade that is flattering on light to mid skin tones with red or green undertones. 
  • Lila: a blush shade that is flattering on skin tones with more red or blue undertones. 
  • Alex: a taupe shade that is flattering on light to dark skin tones with more olive or yellow undertones.

The available shapes include: 

  • Natural Coffin in Short, Medium and Long 
  • Natural Round in Short and Medium
  • Natural Square Extra Short, Short and Medium
  • Sculpted Square in Long 
  • Natural Stiletto in Short, Medium and Long

Each Aprés Neutrals Gel-X tips box includes 150-piece tips in 11 sizes to create five full sets.

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