Aprés Nail Collaborates With Rie Nofuji on Gel-X Tips

M4 0424
Courtesy of Aprés Nail

Aprés Nail has collaborated with Japan’s premier nail artist, Rie Nofuji, for exclusive Gel-X Tips.

Aprés Nail is the pioneer in full-coverage soft gel nail extension technology and the creator of Gel-X Extensions. M4 0356Courtesy of Aprés Nail

Inspired by Rie Nofuji’s signature standout yet simple nail art, the collaboration offers Gel-X Tips with a precut circle on each tip for easy application of jewels or charms without damaging the structural integrity of the nail.

Traditional nail art requires nail technicians to use an e-file to drill into nails/tips to carefully create a hole, risking breakage or too large of a cut-out.

Details on Rie Nofuji x Gel-X Tips:

  • Box of Tips with 275 pieces and 11 sizes
  • Style: Natural—The Natural line has a flatter surface and less of a C-curve compared to Aprés Nail’s Sculpted line
  • Shape: Circle Cut-Out Round
  • Length: Medium

Gel-X Tips are applied with Aprés Extend Gel and can last up to four weeks as beautiful, strong nail extensions.

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