[GIVEAWAY] Nostalgia Is in Style: The '90s Are Back, Baby

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The GelBottle covers the hottest spring and summer nail trends and does a ’90s throwback…no time machine needed!

Thought the ’90s were over? As if! When it comes to trends, the ’90s still have a strong influence in the beauty industry today. This season is all about reviving the most iconic ’90s trends with a modern twist. With warmer days ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to add a little spice to our manicures. The ’90s revival for nails incorporates popular trends of the decade, like bright-colored nails, funky nail art; and abstract French tips. And with 10 new shades from The GelBottle’s ’90s Baby collection, rocking these styles has never been easier.

Rainbow and Color-Blocking

Rainbow and color-blocking nails are totally hot this season. Say goodbye to single-colored nails, and add some fun to your manis by incorporating pops of color. Inspired by the wild hues and prints of the ’90s, these styles are a perfect way to make a statement without the commitment of dramatic nail art. Paint each of your nails a different shade, or choose contrasting colors for a stunning color-blocking look that will get you ready for this season. Choose colors like Destiny and Bae Watch from The GelBottle’s ’90s Baby collection for the perfectly bright spring/summer mani. Or even better, use all 10 colors for a fresh rainbow set.Nails by @thehotblend and @nails.babNails by @thehotblend and @nails.bab

Abstract and Negative Space

Playful, funky nails are making their way back from the iconic decade. Think patterns like colorful flowers and geometric shapes on each nail. Abstract prints are now in the spotlight for combining vibrant colors, lines, and shapes to create a trendy set of nails. Do you enjoy a more subtle style, but still want to stand out? Negative-space nails are the answer! Go for a bare base, or apply a nude polish and top it off with wavy, thin, and thick lines. Combine Clueless and Double Denim to match with your everyday scrunchie or your favorite pair of mom jeans. The mismatched colored nails and unique designs are a blast from the past and pay a flawless tribute to popular ’90s trends.

Nails by @nails.bab and @aimeestokesbeautyNails by @nails.bab and @aimeestokesbeauty

French Tips With a Twist

Love the classic French tip? The minimalist design that dominated the 1990s is making a rising comeback; but with a twist. Ditch the white tips, and opt for a bright pastel coral like Hubba Bubba or a soft neon green like Central Perk to make your mark this season. Elevate your look with a quick and easy slanted French tip, using a piece of tape cut into a diagonal line across the nail to help you achieve that clean finish. It’s no wonder that this trend never left the style books. 

Nails by @__nailsbybec__ and @hardasnails_studioNails by @__nailsbybec__ and @hardasnails_studio

We’ve brought the ’90s back to 2021, and whether you prefer a dramatic or chic nail style, there are plenty of trends to go around! Keep your set looking its best and brightest with the new ’90s Baby collection. It may not be the 1990s anymore, but one thing’s for sure – these hot trends will have your nails looking fly this season!


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