The China Glaze Fall 2018 Collection is Straight Off the Runway


For their Fall 2018 collection, China Glaze introduced 12 shades that are inspired by the hustle and bustle of NYC Fashion Week. But fashion inspiration doesn’t just come from the runway,  street style has made a name for itself thanks to social media and fashionistas from all walks of life, and this new collection has everything swatched and ready to strut! The Ready to Wear collection features classic warm tones like olive green with Central Parka, seasonal shimmers like Swatch Out! and classic reds like Haute Blooded. Scroll down to view the entire collection available now

China Glaze Fall 2018Haute Blooded China Glaze Fall 2018Swatch Out! China Glaze Fall 2018Throwing Suede China Glaze Fall 2018Pay It Fashion Forward China Glaze Fall 2018Chic Happens China Glaze Fall 2018Pleather Weather China Glaze Fall 2018Vest Friends China Glaze Fall 2018Central Parka China Glaze Fall 2018Sample Sizing Me Up China Glaze Fall 2018You Don’t Know Jacket China Glaze Fall 2018Aut-umm I Need That China Glaze Fall 2018Mustard The Courage

The Ready to Wear Fall 2018 Collection is available now at!

-Dina Ciccarelli

[Images courtesy of China Glaze]

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