Tutorial: Omega Labs USA Manicure Service System

omega labs manicure systemomega labs manicure service system including a buffer, cuticle oil, nail polish and top coat

For your next mani, reach for the full-service line from Omega Labs USA, including cuticle oil, base coat, nail lacquer, nail art striper and top coat.

omega labs manicure systema nail professional buffs nails

1. Prep the nails. To shape, use the Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Buffer file.

omega labs manicure systemcuticle oil is applied to a nail

2. Apply a small drop of Cuticle Oil+ to the cuticle. Then, massage the area, gently pushing back the cuticle. Next, apply lotion and massage the hands, arms and elbows.

omega labs manicure systema nail professional applies teal polish to a nail

3. Remove any residue from the nails. Apply one coat of Nailed It base coat. Then, apply two coats of Airy Fairy. Let dry completely before moving to Step 4.

omega labs manicure systema manicurists paints gold nail polish on a teal nail

4. Paint a triangle at the cuticle with Gold Glitter.

omega labs manicure systemnail art painting dots

5. Starting at the tip of the triangle shape, paint rows of white dots with Nail Art Striper in Snow White.

omega labs manicure systemnail art with dots and gold polish

6. To finish, apply Accelerated Shine Quick Dry Top Coat.

What are your thoughts on Omega Lab’s Manicure Service system?

[Photos: Jason Bennett; Nail Tech: Katelyn Armstrong]

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