IBD Dolce Vita Collection

Ibd Dolce Vite

For anyone with either a sweet tooth or an eye for luxury, the IBD Dolce Vite collection is the set to pull from. The crème colors are sugary and soft and the two glitters are reminiscent of gold and semi-precious stones. If clients are headed out on vacation (or just want to feel like they’re at the Amalfi coast) give them a taste of these shades, available in both Just Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer:

•    Head-To-Toe Gelato: Bright orange
•    Rome Around: Opaque pink
•    Vespas & Siestas: Flashy fuchsia
•    Heedless to Say: Punchy purple
•    Riviera Rendezvous: Bold blue
•    Just Me n’ Capri: Aquatic green
•    Celfie in Amalfi: Gold flake glitter
•    Bellinis & Bikinis: Orange, pink and gold glitter

[Images: IBD]

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