Nail Health is Easier than Ever with Nail Tek’s We’ve Got Your Number

Nt Got Your Number

Nail Tek is getting a face lift! Starting this spring, they are unleashing the new We’ve Got Your Number System. This new system is designed to keep all nail types healthy and strong. With new color-coded and numbered packaging, you can easily determine and pull out the exact formula for each of your individual clients.

Once you you’ve checked each one out, you’ll know exactly which to reach for the moment you see a client’s hands. For normal, healthy nails, you’ll want to go with Green (Series 1), to help maintain and moisturize your clients’ nails. For soft, peeling nails, choose Orange (Series 2) to ensure that your clients get the intensive strengthening that their nails require. With the Pink (Series 3) formula, you’ll be able to soften hard, brittle nails. For clients who have weak or damaged nails, pull out the Purple bottles (Series 4) as this will help repair and rebuild their nail plate.

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[Images: Nail Tek]

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