Nail News: Pizza Hut Now Has Their Own Nail Polish

Pizza Hut Nail Polish Np

If Pizza Hut hadn’t already contributed enough to planet Earth with a crust made entirely of tiny cheeseburgers or the Bacon Salad Pizza, there’s more! Pizza Hut Australia just released their own collection of nail polish, and naturally the lacquers are in colors inspired by the beloved high-calorie food with names like Say Cheese (yellow, of course), Meat Me After Midnight (shimmery radioactive brown), and Dough You Need Me (a pasty paper mache hue). As of right now, they don’t seem to actually be on sale to the general public (a travesty, we know), but thirty exceedingly lucky people who won Pizza Hut’s Valentine’s Day love poem contest will each score a set of their very own.  


At least Pizza Hut seems to realize the ridiculousness of it all themselves: pizza hut nail polish



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