Azature Launches Egyptian Nail Polish and Jewelry

Azature Jewels Nile Nail Pro

The same jewelry designer known for creating the $1 million dollar manicure is expanding his line even further. This holiday season Azature not only has a set of 16 18-karat gold jewelry pieces with colored diamonds (a first for the “Black Diamond King”), but the brand is also launching a set of 6 ornate colored lacquers that each have a black diamond in the bottle.

The shades in the Jewels of the Nile collection are on the higher end of the price scale at $25 a pop, but each is a gorgeous hue inspired by the ornate sarcophagus of King Tut. With just a few swipes of the brush, these lacquers transform nails into jewels! If you could charge a little more per manicure, would you try them out in your salon?

[Images: Azature]

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