See Young Nails’ Caption Nail Polish in Action

Young Nails Caption Polish

Give busy clients gel-like durability and shine in mere minutes with

Young Nails Caption Polish 1Step 1: Prep the nail for color. Use a cotton pad soaked with nail cleanser to remove any oily residue. Apply a layer of Caption Base Coat and let it dry.

Young Nails Caption Polish 2Step 2: Next, apply a layer of Caption Nail Polish. Use an orangewood stick dipper in polish remover to correct any mistakes. Let it dry for one minute, then add a second layer of polish if more coverage is needed.

Step 3Step 3: Apply a layer of Caption Effect Top Coat and let it dry for one minute.

Young Nails Caption Polish 4Step 4: Finally, apply a thin layer of Caption Top Coat. Let it dry for two minutes, then apply one to two Caption Drying Drops to accelerate the dry time and finish off the look.

[Images: Young Nails]

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