Nail Art How To: A Winter Story Nails

Winter Story

As cold weather approaches, it’s time to hone your skills with snowflakes and sparkle! Anna Neroznak of RDCorp shared how she created an entire winter scene using a few decals combined with gel. See her tutorial and see which decals she used.


Supplies needed:

  • Cover Pink Gel
  • Ultra White Gel Paint
  • RDcorp Photo-Design Winter Pro Collection 02-09
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Kolinsky Brush N1
  • RDcorp HD Winter Photo-Design 12-08
  • RDcorp Snowflake Sticker
  • Any sculpting gel
  • Finish or Top Gel

All materials are available at select local distributors or here: ?


Step 1: Prep nails as usual (remove natural shine with soft file 220/220 or 180/180 grit), dehydrate with Nail Prep, apply Ultrabond Primer. Cover nails with Base Gel (cure 2 min in UV lamp or 60 sec in LED) and apply Cover Pink Gel (cure 2 min in UV lamp or 60 sec in LED). Wipe off dispersion (sticky) layer with Cleanser. Buff the surface of the nails with Pro Buffer 220/180.

?Step 2: Use a sponge to apply Ultra White Gel Paint, cure it carefully for (3 min in UV lamp or 60 sec in LED).

?Step 3: Add transparent blue glitter mixed with clear gel; cure it.

?Step 4: Wipe off sticky layer, buff surface gently with ProBuffer 220/180 and apply RDcorp Photo-Design Winter Mix 9. Do not forget to leave 1 cm all around the edges.

?Step 5: Use Kolinsky Brush N1 and Watercolor Paints to camouflage all seams and edges.

?Step 6: Now to create the foreground and background. The decal is transparent, so it creates a great background landscape. Let’s add some details at the foreground to achieve a three-dimensional effect. Use a bird and branches from RDcorp HD Photo-Design Collection.

?Step 7: To add more glimmer and shine use RDcorp Holographic Snowflakes.

?Step 8: Cover the whole design with your favorite sculpting gel, buff and file the nails to their final form, apply Finish Gel and your winter story nails are ready! ??


[Courtesy of Anna Neroznak]

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