5 Winter 2020 Nail Trends

Logo nail set by Marii @danitasdivas on Instagram
Logo nail set by Marii @danitasdivas on Instagram

This winter, typical winter colors are not in style. This year, is all about going against the grain. 

Winter 2020 trends include:

1. Freehand designs-  Give your clients exclusive designs with this technique. This takes pure talent and a steady hand.

2. Leopard print nails- Leopard print has made a huge comeback this year from shirts, pants, shoes and even nails. This look can be achieved with stickers/wraps or can even be drawn free-hand onto the nail.Sheer manicure by Georgia Rae @raelondonnails on InstagramSheer manicure by Georgia Rae @raelondonnails on Instagram

3. Logo nails- Everyone wants to be a "designer girl", and now your client's nails can match their purse!

4. Mustard nails- Golden mustard yellow is the new tie-dye for winter 2020, suggest it to your boldest clients.

5. Sheer Neutrals- A sheer, neutral manicure or acrylic set is always in style. 

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