Now (And Always) Trending: French Tip Nails

Spate French Tip Nails
Courtesy of Spate

According to Spate, French tip nails are trending with 870.8K searches every month in the U.S.

Consumers are increasingly searching for French tip nails since 2020 and is still taking off with +131.7% in searches since last year with medium competition and market leaders: KISS, Color Street and SNS.

Consumers are searching for French tip nails in different lengths (short, medium, long) and with different nail polish product formats (acrylic, dip, gel).

Searches for color and glitter alongside French tip nails reveal that consumers want to bring color into the classic style by swapping out the classic white tip for a pastel color (+346.3% year over year), silver (+330.4% year over year) or chrome (+287.7% year over year).

French tip nails can be done a variety of ways with different color and designs, aside from the traditional white.

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