DAILY INSPO: Erin Moffett

Courtesy of Erin Moffett
Courtesy of Erin Moffett

With a natural appreciation of art and style, Erin Moffett (@beautyundone) started her creative career as a makeup artist. While she always had an interest in nails, it wasn’t until a celebrity nail artist friend pushed her to take the leap to full-time tips. Now, five years later, Moffett keeps herself busy behind the scenes of editorial and advertising photo shoots, as well as prepping celebrities for red carpet events. With an enviable roster of clients, which includes Fergie and Christina Hendricks, Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, Good American and Cartier, Moffett is at her best when being creative. Here, we take a look at what inspires her on the regular.

1 Fashion “This is where so much of my inspiration lies. Whether it’s on the runway, found in the pages of magazines or among photos from years past, I am always looking to fashion for new ways to elevate my craft.”

2 ’90s Movies “Let me clarify: Any ’90s movie that highlights acrylic nails! Showgirls, Poetic Justice, B.A.P.S.—these are all movies that made the art of doing nails look special. As soon as I saw them, I knew that one day I’d be doing over-the-top acrylics for a living.”

3 Glitter “I was born to work in a space that allows me to play with glitter. I love, love, love to make things sparkle! Seeing a client’s face light up when even the smallest crystal is added makes it all worth it.”

4 Music “I love music of any kind. Whenever I’m working on designs or pulling inspirational art, I put on music—it can always get me into a creative place. I grew up listening to albums with my mom. She taught me to love all types of music, because you never know what will end up moving you.”

5 Golf “I recently discovered golf and can’t imagine life without it. Being able to travel and get outside is the best part. When I’m on the course in nature, I find that I can clear my mind and find little bits of inspiration to bring back to my work.”

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