NAILPRO’s Creating the January/ February 2020 Cover with Scarlett Senter


United Kingdom-based nail artist Scarlett Senter puts her spin on a NAILPRO favorite.

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the inception of NAILPRO. As part of the milestone celebration, we’ve asked nail pros to recreate their favorite past covers, and you’ll see these masterpieces throughout the year. First up: award- winning nail artist, educator and salon owner Scarlett Senter. Read on to discover her cover inspiration.

nailpro-cover-2013January 2013 NAILPRO Cover

Why did you choose this cover?

I adore the overall soft look of the image and how the simplicity of it has such a strong impact.

How did you reinterpret it?

I took the softness that resonated with the original image and transformed it into something else that evokes that feeling for me: a ballet dancer in Swan Lake. Like in the original cover design, I used a light nude base, but instead of adding colorful line art, I topped it with white details. Just like January 2013 cover artist Tracey Sutter favors the artistry of hand painting, I too love freehand work, so creating the swan was probably my favorite part.

How did you create the nails?

I sculpted the stiletto extensions with acrylic. After filing, I applied matte top coat, then used white gel paint to create the swirl designs. For the swan and musical notes, I used acrylic paint, adding highlights and shadows for depth, and then used 3-D gel for the swan’s crown. For the 3-D roses, I worked off the back of a form, sculpting individual petals with nude acrylic and a 3-D brush. Once the petals were in the moldable stage, I attached them together to make a full flower. I finished off the looks with Swarovski crystals.

What was the best part about this process?

In terms of creating the design, I love seeing my artwork come to life when I start adding highlights and shadows, but the best part overall is seeing my work on the cover of NAILPRO. I’m so excited and honored!

Scarlett-Senter-nails About the Artist:

Scarlett Senter is from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, and has been working as a nail technician for almost 10 years. In addition to being an educator for UK-based Glitterbels, Senter has spent the last year and a half competing in nail competitions around the globe. She has received more than 17 first-place titles, has been named Artist of the Year from Scratch magazine’s Scratch Stars Awards, and recently took home the title of Mixed Media Artist of the Year 2019 from Scratch Stars. Going forward, she plans on continuing to teach other nail techs to help them achieve their goals.

– by Stephanie Yaggy Lavery


[Cover Credits: Nails: Scarlett Senter; Photography: Arienne Jonas,; Model: Christabel Franklin]

This story first appeared in the January/February issue of Nailpro magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.
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