Cuccio Leads Their Education Summit in Costa Rica

Cuccio-Sarella-Angel-Marilyn-Garcia-Kathiuska Camarena

Seventy educators from 30 countries attended Cuccio’s recent 2019 education summit in Costa Rica.

Cuccio-Sarella-Angel-Marilyn-Garcia-Kathiuska CamarenaCuccio Elite Educator Sarella Angel from Chile, Marilyn Garcia and Kathiuska Camarena Cuccio Elite Educator from Panama

Centered on the theme “Empowering through education,” the summit began with a parade of flags from each nation represented at the event, and included training sessions in competition nails with Gergana Bangeeva, product chemistry with Jacqueline Yeung and a leadership workshop with director of global education Marilyn Garcia, among others.

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The event concluded with a fun-filled dance party and the Cuccio Fashionista Awards ceremony, where Sendy Majano from Honduras was recognized with the brand’s first Elite Educator of the Year award for her outstanding leadership qualities, integrity and ability to empower her team of educators. Garcia says, “All of the educators went back to their countries with new knowledge, full of energy, new vision and most importantly, a family of educators they can rely on.”

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Jacqueline-Yeung-Liz-Richards-Marilyn Garci-Amy-Santiago-Geergana-Bangeva-cuccioJacqueline Yeung (Taiwan), Liz Richards (England), Marilyn Garcia (Puerto Rico), Amy Santiago (Puerto Rico), Geergana Bangeva (Bulgaria)


—by Lotus Abrams


[Images: Courtesy Cuccio]

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