Create an Abstract Holiday Design Using Gelish Art Form Gel Paints

The newly launched Gelish Art Form Gel makes creating precise two-dimensional designs easy thanks to its opaque formulation, allowing for total artist control. Available in 24 shades—from primary colors to pastels to shimmers—the one- stroke gel paint comes neatly packaged in a Smart Jar, which has a built-in lip designed for wiping off excess gel. All of the art; none of the waste!


1) Apply two coats of Gelish Simply Irresistible Soak-Off Gel Polish*, curing after each. Then, use Art Form Effects Opal Metallic and a dry-brush technique to create the background. Cure.

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2) Mix Essential Green with Neon Green on a nail art palette. Paint an abstract Christmas tree with a detail brush: Create a triangle, then paint a zigzag down the nail for the body of the tree. Cure.


3) Add Essential Red, Neon Blue and Essential Yellow ornaments on the tree with a dotting tool. Then, paint a star with Effects Gold Shimmer on the top of the tree. Cure.

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4) Add accents to the nail with Effects Gold Shimmer, and cure. Finish with one coat of Top It Off, and cure for 60 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.


*Not included in the Gelish Art Form Gel collections.

[Images: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez]

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