Reverse French Tips at Taoray Wang S/S 2017


Though Taoray Wang’s Spring/Summer 2017 skews masculine with a hint of femininity, the nails are 100-percent ladylike. Though Wang typically aims for conservative nails, this season Dermelect Lead Artist Rose Velez-Miggins showed her the possibilities—and Wang bit. “I saw some colors in her collection and I decided to just go for it!” says Velez-Miggins. “I sent her about a half-dozen looks that included Dermelect’s upcoming soft, dusty blue [lacquer], and she picked one right off the bat. I was so excited and couldn’t believe that we were actually stepping outside of the box!”

For the resulting stunning reverse French, Velez-Miggins first coats tips with Dermelect Moon Kissed. She then dips an angular brush into the dusty blue hue (new for Spring 2017) and lays the polish down on the nail, pulling it back toward the cuticle. Think of it as making an exaggerated half-moon shape. “This way you don’t have to worry about having to trace out a horseshoe shape [for a French tip],” she explains of the technique. To complete the look, she adds a coat of Dermelect Memento Manicure Extender to give tips a high-gloss finish. —Molly Church

Image credits: Carissa Lancaster; Molly Church

NP-Taoray-Wang-1Model shows off the ultra-feminine manicure Rose Velez-Miggins created for Taoray Wang. NP-Taoray-Wang-2A portrait look at the reverse French manicure for Taoray Wang. NP-Taoray-Wang-3Rose Velez-Miggins created this look with Dermelect “Moon Kissed” and a dusty blue lacquer. NP-Taoray-Wang-4Pale blue French manicure for Taoray Wang S/S 2017.
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