GLAMSQUAD’s On-the-Go Services Could Change the Beauty Industry


The newest trend in beauty services has gone mobile with more beauty providers taking their services straight to their clients. Learn how GLAMSQUAD’s mobile services may be the next big trend in beauty.  

GLAMSQUAD’s On-the-Go Services Could Change the Beauty Industry

NP-GLAMSQUAD-In-PostClient receiving a manicure in her home.

GLAMSQUAD is going where no other beauty provider has gone before: to clients homes! Once a privilege reserved for Hollywood starlets and in today’s day, YouTube stars, clients can now schedule an appointment to have a team of licensed, respected beauty professionals meet them at their home, office, hotel, or wherever they may be. For nail techs looking to expand their services beyond the salon, becoming a mobile beauty provider may be the next big trend to hop on before it’s too late.

GLAMSQUAD is the perfect example of a company who has adopted this model and due to the success of their services, have expanded their presence to Miami, NY and LA. Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro discusses the inspiration behind GLAMSQUAD’s mobility: “From dinner to a dress and car, these days, you could get just about everything delivered, except for beauty services. GLAMSQUAD brings the transformative power of high-quality, professional and affordable hair, makeup and nail services to time-starved women. GLAMSQUAD is a woman’s secret weapon for feeling confident and looking her best, for important moments in her life, big or small.”

NP-GLAMSQUAD-Pedicure-In-PostClient receiving an at-home pedicure.

The major success of GLAMSQUAD’s model has led them to a recent expansion of services in Los Angeles (you can now schedule manis/pedis), app updates, new services and packages that make it easier to book recurring appointments, and even e-commerce and GLAMSQUAD-branded products. Needless to say, mobile is where it’s at and the GLAMSQUAD model which employs a team of professionals can easily be adapted to a nail tech looking to branch out and build her/his clientele.

To learn more about the services GLAMSQUAD currently provides, check out their packages here.

What do you think of GLAMSQUAD’s mobile services? Would you become a mobile beauty provider? Are you? Share your experience with us and other nails techs in the comments or on Facebook!

Images courtesy of Sunshine Sachs.

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