Ecojet’s New Patent is Making Whirlpool Baths Safe Again


Gone are the days when a whirlpool bath was known as little more than a community jacuzzi for germs. Ecojet’s newest patent provides salon owners and clients with cleanliness, safety and most importantly, peace of mind. Learn more on their new pipe-less jet technology here. 

Ecojet’s New Patent is Making Whirlpool Baths Safe Again

NP-Ecojet-In-PostEcojet’s new patent employs magnetic, pipe-less technology.

If we asked salon owners what their thoughts on whirlpool baths were, you’d most likely hear that they’re disgusting, unsanitary, impossible to clean, and did we already mention disgusting? In the early 2000s, widespread reports of clients acquiring fungal infections and salon owners either not being able to, or not wanting to, properly disinfect whirlpool baths circulated the mass media. According to a report featured in SFGate, a woman fell ill to her death after receiving a pedicure in which the spa was filled with infectious, harmful bacteria. In a study conducted in 2000 by NCBI, 30 foot baths from 18 salons in 5 California counties were tested for mycobacteria; 29 foot baths came back infected. The ease in which mycobacteria was able to spread and infect others made getting a pedicure a dangerous thing!

The widespread risk of disease along with the high possibility of developing a serious illness was enough to leave salon owners frustrated and clients wary. However, with the approval of Ecojet’s newest patent, whirlpool baths may no longer be taboo as the company’s pipe-less technology ensures easier cleaning for nail techs and a safe experience for clients. Whereas traditional baths employ a system of pipes, the Ecojet patent eliminates traditional piping and replaces it with a pipe-less, magnetic jet in which the jet cap and impeller can be completely removed for thorough cleaning. With the new Ecojet technology, salon owners can still use (and should) disposable liners with each pedicure service. The reissuance of this new patent can mean big things for pedicure services in salons! If you’ve experienced a dip in sales, we highly recommend trying this product out as a safe, enjoyable alternative to traditional foot baths.

To learn more about the new product, visit Ecojet’s website here.


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