INM Takes Much Needed Nail Education Down Under


As a response to the lack of extended nail education in some countries like New Zealand, INM organized a series of workshops focused on product knowledge, technique and nail art. Learn more about the educator and open-day trainings here. 

INM Takes Nail Education Down Under

NP-INM-Training-In-PostThe participants in INM’s Training Down Under holding their certificates of completion.

Unlike some countries in the world where the options to extend your education as a nail tech are many, New Zealand does not have that luxury. To address the serious lack of nail education down under, INM organized a series of educational workshops for New Zealand nail techs and beauty professionals taught by nail industry icon Mindy Hardy, INM President Garret Kellenberger and education/social media manager Pamela Mares.


The trainings were broken down into two educator workshops and three open-day workshops. The educator workshops focused on product knowledge with some deviation into technique, application and nail art while the three open-day workshops covered a range of topics such as:

  • Acrylic foundation (prep, tip application, shaping, 3 ball method)
  • Gel application
  • Gel designs
  • Hand painting
  • Sharpie art
  • Acrylic art
    • 3D flowers
    • Folded bows
    • Mermaid effect
    • French fade
    • Encapsulation

Through education and the creation of a safe space where nail techs felt encouraged and supported, INM’s training program left participants feeling inspired, informed and confident in their abilities as technicians. Isn’t education a wonderful thing?

For more information on the training and INM’s products, click here.

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Images courtesy of One One Six Media.

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