IBS 2016 NAILPRO Cup Finals Winners


These competitors aren’t playing around. This year’s competition at the NAILPRO Cup was fierce and the nail art fiercer. See the designs, winners, and photos from one of the biggest events of the year. 

IBS 2016 NAILPRO Cup Finals Winners

This year, talented nail artists such as Shiori Durham, Allie Baker, Mayumi Hamsaka, and many more came out in droves to compete in our annual NAILPRO Cup Championship. Showcasing their best work alongside veteran and novice competitors, this year’s nail art featured 3D bodybuilder sculptures, entire chess boards and blingin’ nails inspired by Swarovski crystals.

If you missed the grand finale in Las Vegas this year, rest assured that you can still catch the winners and their fantastical looks here. Keep scrolling to see which nail techs took home the gold, silver and bronze in this year’s NAILPRO Cup Championship.

NAILPRO Cup 2016 Champion

Shiori Durham


Shiori Durham is no stranger to winning awards. In 2013, this talented artist was crowned the Asia Nail Festival Champion and reprised her role as champion again this year at the NAILPRO Cup. Shiori took home awards in other categories too, such as first place in the Swarovski nail and soak-off gel art categories.

NAILPRO Team Cup 2016 Champion

Team EzFlow


Congrats to Team EzFlow for taking home the gold this year! Team EzFlow consists of repeat champ Allie Baker, Jarrett Baker, Nikki Payton, Brenda Skermont and Amanda Lenher.

Soak-Off Gel, Non-Divisional

1st Place: Shiori Durham

2nd Place: Iryna Zabiran

3rd Place: Kikuko Asagami


Contestants were asked to create a corresponding gel look in both red and French tip. The results were absolutely fabulous! See images of the contestants final looks here.

Soak-Off Gel Art: Roll the Dice!

1st Place: Kikuko Asagami

2nd Place: Keiko Matsui

3rd Place: Yurika Kujiraoka


These three winners created innovative, unconventional looks. One of our favorites was Keiko’s which featured fun cartoon-like graphics in bold colors such as orange and green.

It’s All About the Bling

1st Place: Shiori Durham

2nd Place: Mayumi Hamsaka

3rd Place: Guin Deadman


P. Diddy would have been jealous of all the bling being thrown around during the NAILPRO Cup Finale. These artists took Swarovski crystals and created intricate, gothic designs on stiletto and oval nails.

Perfect Match: One Model, Two Competitors

1st Place: Allie Baker and Nikki Payton

2nd Place: Victoriia Klopotova and Karolina Wolak-Twordzdo

3rd Place: Amy Becker and Shiori Durham


What happens when two crazy-talented competitors work on one model? Magic! Competitors were asked to create an elongated French tip and while all designs were impeccable, Allie’s and Nikki’s had the oomph to bowl the judges over and win coveted first place.

Tip & Overlay: One Model, Three Competitors

1st Place: Allie Baker, Jarrett Baker and Brenda Skermont

2nd Place: Nikki Payton, Amanda Lehner and Allie Baker

3rd Place: Sakura McLawson, Ree Nakashima and Shiori Durham


Team EzFlow may have been competing against each other, but the group came away with both first and second place in a ferocious competition where three competitors work on one model.

Hand Painted Nail Art: What’s in Your Wallet?

For this theme, competitors were split into veteran and novice categories and asked to create a design that’s all about the Benjamins. Featuring everything from Marie Antoinette to lost treasures in the Titanic, this was one of the most stunning themes to watch come to life.



1st Place: Shiori Durham


According to Shiori, her design was inspired by a museum display of artifacts found on the sunken Titanic. The two lovers on the nail design were celebrating their newly-wed status when they boarded the Titanic, never to be seen again.

2nd Place: Kikuko Asagami


Freedom, independence and nail art come together in this beautifully detailed design by Kikuko.

3rd Place: Maria Ciesielczuk (not pictured)


Yeah, that’s the Pope on those nails but Maria didn’t just stop there. She also drew foreign and American currency as well as other popular figures, both in history and culture.


These artists may be novices by name but their skills are anything but! See their creations below.


1st Place: Kyoungjun Park


2nd Place: Xiaoran Huang


3rd Place: Fukae Shoko


3-D Nail Art: Chess Pieces

For this theme, competitors created 3D pieces such as actual chess boards and pieces. If you can’t get enough 3D nail art, you’ll love the designs below.



1st Place: Anastasiia Morozova


Anastasiia nailed it with this detailed vista of a king’s court. Her take on the Chess Piece theme was a breath of fresh air; it’s so original and intricate we just can’t tear our eyes away.

2nd Place: Galina Yamnitskaya (not pictured)


All you’re missing is the board with these designs by Galina.

3rd Place: Brenda Skermont


Brenda went the traditionalist route when it came to creating her 3D chess pieces. Can we hear it for her castles? They’re brilliant!



1st Place: Yeonhee Kim


Yeonhee’s take on the theme is dark, provocative and alluring, featuring gothic symbols such as skulls, dragons and yeah, a naked woman.

2nd Place: Croitoru Ralca


Where everyone else went ham on the colors (the more, the merrier!), Croitoru’s approach to the theme was minimalist and elegant. The black and white color scheme stands out in a sea of vibrancy.

3rd Place: Kyongjun Park


Fantasy Nail Art: Bodybuilders

If you’re into both bodybuilding and nails this may be the only time we find a connection between the two. The theme for this year’s Fantasy Nail Art challenge was bodybuilders meaning lots of pecs, lots of sweat and a little Frankenstein, courtesy of Sandy Borges.


1st Place: Allie Baker

2nd Place: Jessica Vero

3rd Place: Sandy Borges


Extreme Stiletto Design

We’re talking Christian Louboutin extreme for this challenge. Contestants created their pointiest stiletto tips for the judges in looks that wowed, inspired and dazzled. See the competitors’ entries here.


1st Place: Viktoriia Klopotova

2nd Place: Karolina Qolak-Tworzdlo

3rd Place: Yurika Kujiraoka



1st Place: Mayumi Hamsaka

2nd Place: Kyoungjun Park

3rd Place: Yeonhee Kim


5 Style Sculptured

The 5 Style Sculptured competition requires you take everything you know about nail shapes and throw them out the window. For this style, competitors were asked to create a polygon-like shape featuring a 5-pointed tip. Think it’s easy? It’s anything but, but these artists made it look like a piece of cake.


1st Place: Mayumi Mizumura

2nd Place: Viktoriia Klopotova

3rd Place: Shiori Durham


Salon Success


1st Place: Mayumi Mizumura

2nd Place: Viktoriia Klopotova

3rd Place: Shiori Durham



1st Place: Mayumi Hamsaka

2nd Place Itza Martin

3rd Place: Stephanie Horner


NAILPRO Cup contestants never cease to amaze us with their creativity and this year was no exception.

If you’re interested in competing, read the entry rules here.

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