Take a Nail Class with Stephanie Stone!

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Get the opportunity to learn from renowned Nailing Hollywood and OPI manicurist Stephanie Stone for an All Hands-On Nail Seminar in New York!

On September 21st Stephanie Stone will be leading a nail seminar filled with tips tricks and advice to help upcoming nail artists advance in their craft. She will be demonstrating quick nail changes on-set using artificial nails and the newest trends in nail design including layering polishes, the negative space and sponge-less gradient blending technique. Stephanie will wrap up the demo with an innovative segment on drawing inspiration from life and using it to create awesome nail art.

In a following 2 hour Hands-On session, students can express their inspiration practicing new techniques and recreating Stephanie’s seminar exclusive looks, while she provides one-on-one tips and guidance.

“Business Wise” is a business segment presenting artists use to pay forward the personal experience and advice that has helped them establish a successful career. In this seminar, Stephanie will be imparting career development advice about building a portfolio and breaking into the industry. She’ll be discussing the pro’s, con’s and realities of the “on set” world and celebrity manicuring. A Q&A session will follow offering students the opportunity ask Stephanie all of their burning questions.

For more info and to sign up, visit http://www.beautyassembly.com.

[Image: Beauty Assembly]

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