Polished Girlz Returns to Alanna’s Hometown


When Alanna Wall began Polished Girlz at only 10 years old, she was living in Dayton, Ohio. She began locally doing nails for young girls who were frequently hospitalized or had special needs, but now her and her team have expanded to 30 states, Canada, and Mexico. In 2014, Wall even had her 10,000th client.

Nevertheless, Wall makes sure to return to the Dayton Children’s Hospital where she first started the program every month to keep the girls there polished and upbeat. “I’ve been coming here since I was 11,” said Wall. “When I came up with the idea of Polished Girlz, children’s hospitals were the first places I wanted to visit. I knew these girls would be the most in need of a little extra sparkle and shine.”

“I really believe every girl should feel special, and I love that Polished Girlz has grown because of me and in spite of me,” Wall explained. “I may be polishing in Dayton, but there are teams in Atlanta and New York and California and other places doing the same thing.”

For more info on how to get involved, see www.polishedgirlz.org.

[Images: Cuccio/Polished Girlz]

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