How to Stay Authentic on Social Media

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Every Wednesday, Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa shares meaningful ideas on how important wellness is to living a healthy life, navigating a sustainable career and weathering the pandemic. 

The latest episode of Wellness Wednesday featured guests Marquetta Breslin, Creator of Million Dollar Stylist and CEO of Breslin Media Group, LLC, and her business partner and husband Ricky Breslin. They, along with Villa dug deep into how to stay authentic on social media.

 “If you’re being fully authentic to yourself, the confidence to really utilize social to the fullest will come.  It will also make you more resilient after negative feedback and allow you to move on with passion, because you are being true to yourself,” adds Marquetta Breslin.

How to Stay Authentic in a Digital World

Equipment - Expensive equipment is not necessary, a mobile set up and good microphone are your best investment.

Learn How to Tell a Story – Understand the format of beginning, middle and end – “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck” by Steven Stockman is very helpful in cutting to the essence of a message.

Uniqueness – Do not worry about addressing a similar topic as someone else, people will connect with you based on your unique viewpoint. There will be times when people resonate with your work and times when they will not, but you just keep creating and moving forward.

Content – It must come from the heart, if it is not authentic, it will not resonate with others.  Google Alerts is great for inspiration and automating inbound marketing that can be curated is valuable as well.  When you know how to drive and convert traffic, you can do so much more.

Negative Feedback –Extremely negative and rude feedback can always be deleted and blocked, but make sure to differentiate between bad feedback and constructive criticism.  On social there is no context, so sometimes it is hard to determine. 

Auditing – It is not necessary to remove old content, sometimes it’s nice for others to see your evolution, it can empower them to want to play too.  People relate to authentic stories that show the struggles as well as the successes.

 “It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there – I love Marquetta and Ricky’s amazing advice for showing up authentically in the social and digital education world,” says Carruthers.

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