Get to Know Nail Patrol in Miami, FL

Evgeniya “Gene” Chaves welcomes Nailpro to Nail Patrol in Miami, Florida.
Evgeniya “Gene” Chaves welcomes Nailpro to Nail Patrol in Miami, Florida.
Courtesy of Nail Patrol

Evgeniya “Gene” Chaves welcomes Nailpro to Nail Patrol in Miami, Florida.

The Backstory

It all started with me solo traveling with nail services back in 2015. When a client with a newborn baby couldn’t find the time to come to the salon and asked me if I could come after work to see her, I really wanted to help. She shared her experience with friends and my books started to fill up quickly. However, each house service took a very long time, as there was no clear structure and organization. It took me some time to set pricing and time the structure right, but once it was done, the workflow became smooth and traveling more pleasurable. As demand for at home services started growing, I started to add nail freelancers to my team and build from there.

The Look 

Since we don’t have a brick-n-mortar location, I take the salon aesthetics to our online presence - website, Instagram and Google page. The website is very easy to navigate through, mobile friendly, has services and prices on it, as well as our always growing team of beauty professionals. You can find our work on Instagram, as well as more information about our team, services and events.

Nail Patrol Jeep

Signature Services 

Nail Patrol menu varies from urgent nail repairs to acrylic full sets with nail art. However, our core and most requested services are natural nail mani-pedis, along with the gel polish. I wouldn’t say we have a signature nail service that no one else does, but, I believe our exclusivity lies in delivering the services to our customers anytime and anywhere, making it more convenient for them compared to standard salons.

The Goods 

All our nail techs are independent contractors, and they use their own products: the brands they are trained in and most comfortable to work with. The company only requires them to use professional brands, as their nail implements need to be properly disinfected and manicure kits disposable, which we also sell in the house. My personal favorite brand is CND - Their Shellac gel polish line has a very thin coating and removal is fast, as one of the requirements for at home service. Also Vinylux nail polish dries extremely fast and lasts longer than standard nail polish.

Social Butterfly

We are active on social media. Our service's Instagram page is @NailPatrolMiami, and our nail supply store is @NailPatrolStore.

What's Next 

Back in 2020, during the pandemic, I launched my own line of disposable manicure and pedicure kits, as I could not find the perfect sealed kits with the proper abrasiveness for files, buffers and pumice pads. Most of the tools were way too harsh to use on natural nails. My products are selling well, but I had no time to dedicate to marketing them properly. I plan to introduce education on these products and push their value and effectiveness into the nail world. Another current project I am working on is online education for nail techs. My focus lies in subjects like: professional image of a nail tech, picking their niche and mastering it, basic and advanced nail knowledge, as well as tips for traveling nail techs.

Nail Patrol Team Pic


Owner: Evgeniya "Gene" Chaves

Est: July 2015

Staff: 19 nail techs, 5 massage therapists, 3 waxers and 3 brows specialists.

Benefits: Having a non-standard salon environment, we provide different benefits to our contractors, like higher pay for services performed, flexibility in schedule, ability to work on their own hours and take as much time off as they want. Our beauty pros are not employees, but independent contractors, so standard salon rules and perks do not apply here. However, we are implementing an in-house education on different aspects of the job process, such as targeted skills improvement, social and customer service skills, professional image and goal setting. My next step is to implement the corporate culture - like a beach volleyball with families, picnic at the park and milestones celebrations. My goal here is to socialize more as a team since we don’t see each other often, talk about current issues, help with burn outs and re-motivate the team.

Up Close with Evgeniya “Gene” Chaves

Gene Np 8 Yrs

What was your first job in the nail industry?

My first ever manicurist job was in Orlando at Euro Day Spa and Salon. It was a great place to start at, very organized workflow, standardized procedures and a friendly and helpful team and management. I had to “fake it till I make it” when I got hired. I had no salon experience, but really wanted to put myself to work. My books filled up very quickly, and I was booked out 4-6 weeks in advance right from my second month. I only had 3 salon jobs before I went freelancing, but all of them were high end spa/salons, and the only reason for leaving all of them was lack of professional growth. I felt like I reached the ceiling at what I can do, but I needed more growth as a professional.

What inspires you?

The happy clients, who were desperate to find a last minute availability for a manicure and needed a hero to save the day. That is what inspires me and keeps me going, knowing that I am doing the right thing.

What was the most challenging thing that happened while opening your salon?

To be honest, there were no challenges starting up at-home nail services. The challenges came later with the fast growth. I am a nail tech first and a salon owner second. Learning the business curve was the hardest part: hiring, motivating, controlling and keeping the standards up while working in a mobile setting, which is not always the most comfortable.

What piece of advice would you give to a new salon owner?

Ask yourself: Why are you opening a nail salon? What is gonna set your salon apart from others? Why should customers come to you instead of competitors? What problem are you solving? The most successful salon owners grew their businesses out of a huge unconditional love for their craft and willingness to help people. However, you do need to learn a business aspect of it as well. Have a plan in mind. On the paper, always track expenses and control product restock. Create your ideal client avatar and beauty pro avatar. Put yourself in their shoes, think about what they would want to hear to come to your salon and market to them.

“I can’t discuss my salon without mentioning…”:

My team and my salon manager: We would be nothing without them!

What inspired you to open an on-demand nail service versus a standard salon?

I have never wanted to have a brick and mortar location and never saw myself operating one. Pandemic times showed me that on demand services are the future - food is delivered, dog grooming services delivered, massages delivered, personal trainers come to the house and now simple nail routine is on demand as well. 

What do you think nail techs could get out of working in an on-demand salon that they couldn’t in a standard salon?

When we go through initial interview with the new talents, I always ask what makes them interested in working with Nail Patrol, and the top answer is, "I have heard you offer a flexible schedule." This is our #1 selling point to attract new nail professionals.

What nail looks have you seen your clientele asking for this season?

Miami has only one summer season so we don’t really get the Christmas vibes during the holiday season, and our clients are all over with their color choices, some go with reds, navy and forest green, while others stick to their favorite neutral shades.

What nail looks do you think will be trending this winter?

I believe silver chrome designs and velvet nails with syrupy gel colors will be trending this winter. Most of our clients are conservative with their color choices; however, we do see more changes lately, and minimalistic designs are slowly becoming a new neutral for them.

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