10 Challenges in the Nail Industry

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What do you feel is the biggest problem in the industry and how would you change it? We asked top nail industry manufacturers this same question, and here’s what they had to say:

1. “The biggest problem is the lack of availability of products from distributors. This makes it hard for techs to get products, and it’s very frustrating to manufacturers. I recommend you call the manufacturers directly to find out how you can get the products you’re looking for. I’d like to see this change.”
-Michael Megna, CEO Backscratchers Salon Systems

2. “Nail techs need to follow the examples of estheticians. Estheticians have made a wonderful practice of partnering with dermatologists. Form partnerships with podiatrists and medical professionals in your area so you can share referrals.”
-Doug Schoon, Vice President of Science and Technology, Creative Nail Design

3. “Salons that are charging too little are a huge industry problem. I think it’s great to see that slowly changing.”
-Tony Cuccio, CEO/President, Cuccio Naturalé

4. “I’d like to do away with distributors and have the manufacturers deal with nail techs personally. If your local distributor drops the ball, call me directly and I’ll honor the distributor’s deal.”
-Rudy Lenzkes, President, Elegant Glass/Simply Elegant

5.“I’d like to see a change in the standards of techniques. I want more nail education. I want nail techs to start preserving natural nails and doing beautiful work.”
-Lysa Comfort, Artistic and Education Team Director, International Nail Manufacturers

6. “I agree that the distribution problem exists.”
-Newton Luu, President, Le Chat

7. “MMA needs to be eradicated. People don’t like to talk about it, but they need to get rid of it. I recommend stricter enforcement practices: Any salon found using MMA is closed—no questions asked.”
-George Schaeffer, President, OPI Products

8. “I’d like everyone to pay attention to the salon’s environment. The salon should create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. I want clients to feel comfortable.”
-Jeff Pink, Owner/CEO, Orly International

9. “I’m tired of techs blaming the nonstandard salons for a decrease in their businesses. If you’re not earning success, you need to look at yourself. Growing your business is up to you.”
-Greg Salo, CEO, Young Nails

10. Bonus: Nailpro publisher Deborah Carver, the host of the roundtable, says: “Nail salons often don’t promote enough retail. Techs could double their incomes by selling nail products. They should realize that promoting an at-home regimen benefits the clients and themselves. Retailing would help the entire industry.”


[Image: Angie Chung]

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