7 Tips for Selling More Retail

Nail Salon Retail Tips

7 Tips for Selling More Retail

Several of the industry’s top manufacturers shared their suggestions for techs who want to see more retail with Nailpro! Here’s what they said:

“Techs sometimes see themselves as artists and don’t want to be seen as salespeople. This is the wrong attitude. Take your cue from spa employees. They know that they’re doing the client a favor because they’re equipping the client with the best products.” –George Schaeffer, OPI Products

“Increase techs’ commissions to 20% if they’re retiling. The No. 1 reason they aren’t selling is because they aren’t making any money.” –Tony Cuccio, Cuccio Naturalé
“Recommend that clients buy the same polish you use on their nails. It shows you care about them.” –Newton Luu, LeChat

“Have the employee who takes appointments retail products.” –Schaeffer

“If you’re passionate about your products, tell you customers about them. Talk about how much you love the products. It’s not an aggressive approach, it’s an honest approach.” –Lysa Comfort, INM

“You have a lot of time to talk during that 45-minute service. Use your time wisely and sell your products.” –Luu

“Educate your clients about the products and the industry. Your clients trust you. The informed client is the best client.” –Michael Megna, Backscratcher

[Image: Phalinn Ooi via Flickr Creative Commons]

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