Nail Tips: Add Summer Pedicure Services to Your Salon Menu


Karen Raasch shares her blog post published on Continuum’s website as well as great advice on promoting summer pedicure services!

Your client’s feet have been tucked away inside socks, shoes and boots for months and it’s time for them to come out and play. Customers may pass up a pedicure in winter but when their feet are on display it’s your professional responsibility to remind them to get those tootsies into shape. Are you prepared to give their feet a summer time treat? By adding targeted services to your salon pedicure menu you will increase your pedicure bookings, gain the timid or first-timer’s trust and increase your client base.

Coax your clients into trying a refreshing Summer Citrus or a soothing Sports pedicure and you will find those who took your advice may be willing to try other services once they have experienced an enjoyable, customized pedicure. You will enjoy the referrals and monthly bookings.

Summer Citrus Pedicure
Begin by adding colorful, stimulating soaking powders available in many colors and fragrances including peach, coconut, and pink grapefruit to the pedicure tub or basin, adjusting the water temperature for their comfort. After soaking, follow with a citrus scrub to exfoliate and soften the skin, then gently trim and shape the nails. Create an olfactory experience they won’t soon forget by mixing scented essential oils into your massage oil or lotion. Try orange, lemongrass, lime and grapefruit fragrances. Complete their Summer Citrus pedicure by applying cuticle oil or opt for a bright, sunny polish and perhaps a touch of summer-themed nail art.

Sports Pedicure
Feet that spend hours in sports shoes pounding on unforgiving surfaces require care and maintenance. A Sports pedicure is a valuable service that’s needed and appreciated by men and women. Begin by soaking their feet in a jetted basin such as the Maestro, Echo or Vantage spas to soften skin, calluses and thickened nails. If space or plumbing is an issue the Simplicity or Pedicute spas, featuring a vibrating aqua massage and three levels of heat, will be the perfect choice for your salon. Exfoliate their feet with a scrub, paying extra attention to areas that have developed hardened skin. Follow with a foot and lower leg massage to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation and ease soreness. Next it’s time to clip and file the nails carefully to prevent ingrown toenails. Apply a moisturizing mask to their feet and wrap in heated towels or warm booties. If your pedicure chair is equipped with a massage system, allow time for your client to relax and enjoy its benefits. Rinse off the mask to complete their Sports pedicure. Book their next pedicure before they are out the door so you’ll always keep them at the top of their game. -Karen Raasch

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