At-Home Nail Art Gets Bottled Up with the Launch of Nail Wig Stroke Effects

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Nail Wig has launched a new way to create nail art in or out of the salon: Stroke Effects.

Nail Wig Stroke Effects are decorative “effects” in a bottle. They come in five varieties of glitters, pigments and powders for a combined 36-shade, multi-range of sparkle and shimmer that change the look of base colored manicured nails, instantly.Image002 (2)

“I founded Nail Wig Stroke Effects because of my love for nail embellishments and color,” says Charnin Brown-Hayward, founder of Nail Wig Toppings Bar and Nail Wig Stroke Effects. "As a teenager, I would always go to the drugstores to see what new polish colors were available and would mix together to create new shades."

Nail Wig Stroke Effects Include:

Halo Effects – Saturated fine and larger particle sized holographic glitters that give a mesmerizing effect.

Foil Effects – Foil paper that presses to perfection and creates dimension.

Glo Effects – Neon, black-light activated properties to illuminate and glow.

Chrome Effects – Micro-fine metallic pigments that creates a mirror finish.

Glitter Effects – Multi-size glitter to add a sparkling texture.

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