ibd JustGel Has Met Its Match

Salon favorite ibd has expanded it’s “It’s a Match” line to include 48 additional shades of ibd Advanced Wear Pro Lacquer! All 144 shades are now available for every client’s needs! New additions to the Advanced Wear Pro Lacquer line include nudes and soft pinks such as Dockside Diva and Coco-Nuts-For-You to hot bright shades such as Leading Man and Just Keep Swimmin’. These shades are perfect for the client who loves the JustGel colors but prefers traditional, and now with these new 48 shades they won’t have to sacrifice bright colors and protective shine for a different shade somewhere else.

IB_DUO_MidnightMartinisibd Its A Match in Midnight Martinis

The three step system includes a bonding base that protects natural nails from staining, a highly pigmented lacquer that applies smooth and promises even coverage, and finishes with a high-shine top coat that protects color fro chipping and fading.

Head over to your favorite professional beauty supply store or ibdbeauty.com today to find your match!

[Image courtesy of ibd]


ibd Wants You to Live Your Glitter Dreams with this New Collection

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