Elegant Nail Charms from Posh Couture

Nail Case

Charms, rhinestones, and other 3-D adornments are the way to go in today’s decadent world of nail art. You probably already have basic studs in your kit – but you can upsell services greatly when you add on specialty handmade Swarovski pieces like these from Posh Couture.

Taking a nod from the bright, bubbly kawaii nail art of Japan, every products in this line of charms and nail shields will totally transform a regular manicure into something special (which will get you referrals in the form of your clients’ friends).

You can order your these charms here:

Phone : 562-483-7376
Email: contactus [at] poshcoutureusa [dot] com
Attn: Shauna Lee

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[Images: Posh Couture]

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