NEW LAUNCH: ORLY's NEW Breathable Treatments

Breathable Treatment Trio Lifestyle
Breathable Treatment Trio Lifestyle

ORLY's NEW Breathable Treatments: Breathable Protein Boost, Breathable Calcium Boost and Breathable Cuticle Oil.

The three brand new treatments formulated to restore and protect the health of natural nails:

ORLY Breathable Protein Boost Nail Strengthener

  • ORLY Breathable Protein Boost boasts a vegan formula, enriched with jojoba and pea proteins, and prevents splitting and peeling for stronger nails. Rooibos leaf and brown algae extracts provide extra nourishment, while plant-based proteins reduce breakage and improve nail flexibility.

ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost Nail Strengthener

  • ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost. This nail strengthener is enriched with vegan calcium and Vitamin B5. Vitamin C and Argan Oil combine to nourish dry, damaged, and thin nails.

ORLY Breathable Cuticle Oil Hydrating Nail Treatment

  • ORLY Breathable Cuticle Oil features a blend of argan oil, jojoba oils, and vitamin E to hydrate the cuticle. All natural bergamot and citrus essential oils rejuvenate your cuticles while cardamom seed oil protects your skin.
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