Cute Nail Studio Launches New Polishes

Abrahadabra, by Cute Nail Studio
Abrahadabra, by Cute Nail Studio

Cute Nail Studio has launched all NEW nail lacquer shades!

Cute, an Austin-based nail studio famous for its incredible mani and pedi services, has created a collection of ultra-long-lasting, heavily-pigmented, vegan, 7-free polishes inspired by the occult, pop culture, Karens, the Cute staff members and unicorn poop (naturally). 

The shades include:

  • Baby Baphomet - As above, so below. Which is to say: this shimmery blue works for manicures and pedicures
  • Drug Money - A rich green shimmer that'll look great with your stacks.@averayray, by Cute Nail Studio@averayray, by Cute Nail Studio
  • Abrahadabra - This deep shimmer rouge is the final word on creation and the joining together of the microcosm and the macrocosm. A real power color.
  • Holy Guardian Angel - Let this angelic red direct and govern you through this day.
  • Karen - Somebody call a manager! A perfect, essential, soft beige pink.
  • Unicorn Poop - We had to follow a unicorn around for hours, but it was worth it. It's shimmery & opalescent & if you catch it, you get to make a wish.
  • The Way to Succeed & The Way Suck Eggs - A shimmery green for invocations of power. 
  • Sex Cult - Join the Cute Cult with this opalescent, sheer glossy magenta - we promise a good time!
  • Raspberry Beret -A raspberry shimmer that seems like it's busy doin' somethin' close to nothin'.
  • Jack Parsons - What does a stunning, shimmery yellow have to do with the father of modern rocketry?
  • Ice Nine - An opalescent homage to the thing that ruined the world in Cat's Cradle.
  • @averayray - Cute’s signature receptionist has a signature color. Do you follow her? Of course you do.

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