Cute Nail Studio Launches New Polishes

Cute Nail Studio releases 12 new nail polish shades, just in time for stocking stuffing season.

Abrahadabra, by Cute Nail Studio
Abrahadabra, by Cute Nail Studio

Cute Nail Studio has launched all NEW nail lacquer shades!

Cute, an Austin-based nail studio famous for its incredible mani and pedi services, has created a collection of ultra-long-lasting, heavily-pigmented, vegan, 7-free polishes inspired by the occult, pop culture, Karens, the Cute staff members and unicorn poop (naturally). 

The shades include:

  • Baby Baphomet - As above, so below. Which is to say: this shimmery blue works for manicures and pedicures
  • Drug Money - A rich green shimmer that'll look great with your stacks.@averayray, by Cute Nail Studio@averayray, by Cute Nail Studio
  • Abrahadabra - This deep shimmer rouge is the final word on creation and the joining together of the microcosm and the macrocosm. A real power color.
  • Holy Guardian Angel - Let this angelic red direct and govern you through this day.
  • Karen - Somebody call a manager! A perfect, essential, soft beige pink.
  • Unicorn Poop - We had to follow a unicorn around for hours, but it was worth it. It's shimmery & opalescent & if you catch it, you get to make a wish.
  • The Way to Succeed & The Way Suck Eggs - A shimmery green for invocations of power. 
  • Sex Cult - Join the Cute Cult with this opalescent, sheer glossy magenta - we promise a good time!
  • Raspberry Beret -A raspberry shimmer that seems like it's busy doin' somethin' close to nothin'.
  • Jack Parsons - What does a stunning, shimmery yellow have to do with the father of modern rocketry?
  • Ice Nine - An opalescent homage to the thing that ruined the world in Cat's Cradle.
  • @averayray - Cute’s signature receptionist has a signature color. Do you follow her? Of course you do.

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