Nail Artist Rayah Naji Creates '70s-Style Ads

Nails and by Rayah Naji @frosteddtipss on Instagram
Nails and by Rayah Naji @frosteddtipss on Instagram

Nail enthusiast Rayah Naji combines beautiful nail art and graphic design to create 1970s inspired "advertisements."

Naji's "ads" went viral on Twitter. The image caption: "My design skills. My nail art." Nails by Rayah Naji @frosteddtipss on InstagramNails by Rayah Naji @frosteddtipss on Instagram

Naji is a 21-year-old student studying graphic design at Simmons University, set to graduate this semester. Her professor shared vintage magazines with the class, and Naji became intrigued with the fonts used in the ads.

"I prefer old advertisements to current-day ads because the products were always presented in a more appealing and entertaining way," Naji says. "I like to give new life to old ideas." 

Naji is a self-taught nail artist, learning the skill by watching YouTube videos.

To create an "ad", Naji starts by doing a manicure, typically using gel polish. Then, she takes photos of the nails and, using her graphic design background, begins the editing process, which includes incorporating vintage font styles. On average, it takes anywhere from one to two hours to get the finished image. These unique and inventive artistic pieces have garnered much attention for both her design style and her nail art.

*Content retrieved from Allure.

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