Spotlight: Habit Cosmetics

Nail Polish
Nail Polish
Courtesy of @habitcosmetics

Habit Cosmetics is a Black-owned beauty brand that you should know!

Habit founder Aja Frierson launched the clean, vegan beauty brand in 2013.

Habit creates all-around clean products including nail polish, lip shades and creme highlighters. Nourishing Creme HighlighterNourishing Creme HighlighterCourtesy of @habitcosmetics

“I saw lots of other brands doing one or two things really well, but not everything I was looking for all in one product,” she wrote on the company's website. “And more specifically, as a woman of color passionate about both plant-based nutrition and makeup, I rarely saw myself represented at the junction of these fields in the clean beauty space.”

All of Habit’s products are cruelty-free and nontoxic and packaged in sustainable packaging.

Habit products can be found in several salons across the county and around the globe.

*Retrieved from Yahoo!

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