Happy Holidays from Nailpro

The Nailpro team shares their favorite part of the holidays as we take off of daily newsletters for the rest of the year.
The Nailpro team shares their favorite part of the holidays as we take off of daily newsletters for the rest of the year.

Happy Holidays from the Nailpro team!

We hope you are all having a safe, warm and festive holiday season, however you choose to celebrate!

Here, at Nailpro, we will be taking a break from our daily newsletters and weekly polls until the new year. Daily newsletters will resume on Jan. 2, 2024 and our first poll of the new year will be posted on Jan. 3, 2024. 

Before we take off for the holidays, our team wanted to share with you our favorite parts of the season! 

Katie Anderson, Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]): I love that Christmas brings family near and far together to spend time and enjoy each other. My family makes me complete, even the crazy ones. My kids and I bake a ton of cookies each year, and though they eat way too many, we package them and give them out to neighbors, friends and those that serve us in the community. They love to see the joy on other's faces, and I am overjoyed to know they understand the meaning of Christmas.

Gabby Bach, Assistant Editor ([email protected]): This year was a particular special holiday season for me because I got to celebrate Christmas early with friends that I didn't expect to see for one last adventure this year. Because so many of my friends live so far from me, it was so magical to get to celebrate the season with them and give them one last hug before the year ends. I'm hopeful this is a tradition I will be able to continue as the years go on. This time of year is always so much more special when you are sharing it with the people who give your life meaning.

Crystal Dentis, Social Media Specialist ([email protected]): My favorite part of the holidays is the time I get to spend with my family. The tradition that we've started for myself and my siblings is Family Day. Every other month, we cook a meal and just spend time with one another. We rotate houses so that it's not at one place all the time, and this year it happens to be at my house. I'm so happy that I get to host my family for Christmas this year.

Shamella Anderson, Business Development Manager ([email protected]):

Laura Fenwick, Graphic Designer ([email protected]): I always look forward to being with my family on Christmas, giving out presents, eating too much, drinking (hopefully not too much! just kidding!!) and watching the younger kids rip apart the wrapping paper in a frenzy. I also look forward to getting in touch with my close friends. We all seem to get so occupied all year, then we blow up each others' phones on Christmas and New Year's with all kinds of jokes and funny GIFs.

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