Women's History Month Spotlight: Fie Pedersen

Fie Pedersen
Fie Pedersen
Courtesy of Fie Pedersen

    Nail artist Fie Pedersen, who is based in Denmark, gives us a peek into when and why she became a nail tech and how she continues to grow.

    1. When and why did you become a nail tech?
      “I have always loved being creative, and I was a bad nail biter, so I saw that as a win-win situation! As soon as I picked up my brush, I was hooked! After a couple of years, I got my education as a nail tech in 2016.”
    2. After receiving your nail tech/beauty license, have you received other certifications? If so, what?
      “Yes, 3D acrylic, airbrush, one stroke, pedicure and spa pedicure. I am also certified as a 3D acrylic educator and an airbrush educator. I believe we never know enough to stop learning.”
    3. Where do you find education, and how do you continue growing your skills and business?
       “On social media, Instagram, YouTube etc. There are so many amazing talented techs who share their knowledge with us, and I just love to soak up all the knowledge I can! I learn by doing, so if I want to learn a skill or a design, I sit down and keep practicing again and again! Doing that and showing it on Instagram is what helped my platform grow!”
    4. What obstacles have you faced, and how did you overcome them?
      “I have always had a passion for sharing and breaking down designs. I faced a lot of backlash from the industry because often you will have to pay for a class to learn specific designs and some people think I messed with that. But, my motto has and will always be ‘Sharing is caring.’ I also experience a lot of [criticism online] because of the way I did my designs. I never really fit in ‘a box’ and have always done things my own way, but now I get to help others learn, which is amazing!"
    5. What tips do you have for aspiring and budding nail techs?
      “Take your time, and do not compare yourself to others! No one is a master from day one; we all learn in different ways and different speeds. Believe me: You will get there—just keep practicing! And last but not least, do not believe everything you see on [online]; nobody posts their failures.”


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