Women's History Month Spotlight: Britney Tokyo

Britney Tokyo
Britney Tokyo
Courtesy of Britney Tokyo
Nail artist Britney Tokyo who is based in Los Angeles, California, shares her short and sweet background for Women's History Month.Britney Tokyo Nails 1Courtesy of @BritneyTOKYO
  1. When and why did you become a nail tech? 
    “When I was little, my grandma did my nails for me for the first time, and I got super happy and stared at them all day! It was just a single-color plain nail! That was when I decided I will become a nail artist!”
  2. After receiving your nail tech/beauty license, have you received other certifications? If so, what?
    “Before I got a California manicurist license, I got a JNA (Japan Nailist Association) first class certification, Bio Sculpture Gel certification, Presto gel educator certificate and Aprés Nail educator certificate.”
  3. Where do you find education, and how do you continue growing your skills and business?
    “I mainly study myself now, but if I cannot do myself, I will find a class online.”Britney Tokyo Nails 4Courtesy of @BritneyTOKYO
  4. What obstacles have you faced, and how did you overcome them?
    “I never thought [any challenges were] obstacles because I like nails and new things.”
  5. What tips do you have for aspiring and budding nail techs?
    “Always be yourself; do not do the same thing as other people.”

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